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These features are all deprecated and will not be updated
While they are still available within v4.0 under the legacy namespace
However they will be phased out by the next major release

BNF-Parser is a simple library for generating syntax parsers based on deterministic BNF syntax descriptions. It includes a few changes from standard BNF forms to help produce cleaner syntax tree outputs.


First, provide the BNF representation of your language and parse it into a syntax tree. Then, compile the tree into a representation that is ready to parse syntax trees for the compiled language.

import { legacy } from "bnf-parser";

let result = legacy.BNF.parse(LANGUAGE_BNF);
let tree = legacy.Compile(result);

let syntax = tree.parse(FILE);

You can save a compiled BNF as a JSON file and reload it later:

// Save the syntax tree
fs.writeFileSync(path, JSON.stringify(tree.serialize()));

// Load the compiled syntax tree
let tree = new legacy.Parser(
  JSON.parse( fs.readFileSync(path, 'utf8') )